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SBTL Advanced Materials

SBTL Advanced Materials will lead the green
energy materials that contribute to the
mitigation of global warming.

SBTL Advanced Materials

Active promotion into the domestic and
international secondary battery material

SBTL Advanced Materials

Pouch film leader of enhanced safety
and the next-generation battery core material

SBTL Advanced Materials

Copper pouch film with good heat dissipation.
High-formability pouch film

SBTL Advanced Materials

Flexible pouch film with enhanced
durability against continuous bending

Stainless steel pouch film specialized in
preventing fire and explosions

SBTL Advanced MaterialsCreates a better world through continuous
innovation and development

SBTL Advanced Materials is the leader with the longest development history among domestic aluminum pouch film manufacturers for
secondary batteries. In 2017, the company was established specialized in pouch film, and it was certified by domestic and overseas
customers starting with its research and development in 2009.

With specialized research and development personnels related to secondary batteries and materials, SBTL Advanced Materials has
focused on product development so far and has met the material standards for end-consumer products such as mobile phones, Evs and
ESSs, where fire and explosion stability is important. The company has the mass production capability, and its products have the best
formability, electrolyte resistance, and heat resistance compared to the competitors.

SBTL Advanced Materials aims to strengthen its global competitiveness through constant product development and innovation to become
a global supplier of reliable aluminum pouch films by providing safe and differentiated solutions for EV batteries, ESS batteries,
all-solid-state batteries and flexible batteries.

In addition, we will strive to become an eco-friendly company that fulfills social responsibility and creates sustainable value through
ESG management.

Thank you.

SBTL Advanced Materials CO.LTD.

Leader of secondary battery pouch film localization!
SBTL leads the tomorrow of world’s material industry based on creative ideas and original

  • R&D
    It is the leader with the longest
    development history among
    aluminum pouch film manufacturers
    for secondary batteries in Korea.
  • Forming Depth
    Maximum 15mm
    Better formability can realize higher
    energy density.
  • Capability
    24 Million㎡ (20GWh)
    It plans to expand its annual production
    capacity to 250 GWh by 2025.
Aluminum Pouch Film 86㎛

Pouch film with a total thickness of 86 μm is lightweight and thin,
and are used in various applications such as smart devices and wearable devices.

Aluminum Pouch Film 111㎛

Pouch film with a total thickness of 111 μm has excellent formability and
strong chemical resistance, and is suitable for tablet PCs and laptops.

Aluminum Pouch Film 111P

Pouch film with a total thickness of 111 μm has a nylon layer containing PET with higher melting points and
heat resistance than ordinary products, and is especially suitable for electric scooters and
electric bicycles that need to prevent fire and explosion.

Aluminum Pouch Film 156㎛

Pouch film with a total thickness of 156 μm is helpful to increase battery capacity and
used in large sized-battery products such as ESS, EV and Vessels with battery insulation
resistance using materials and adhesives developed by own methods.

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Notice and News of SBTL Advanced Materials

SBTL Advanced Materials will grow into a global leader
in the field of core materials for secondary batteries based on its core technology.

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